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Hello, Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

If I am not teaching one to clear their energy field, or helping another to boost their adrenals, then I am guiding a meditation event!

You see, I believe your body is a temple and a vessel to be used for a higher purpose, and this is why I strive to increase your vital force. Living above the line keeps us in alignment to elevate and be all we came here to be.

I do know what it is like to not look and feel your best too. Twice in my life I had to recover from stress related conditions, and that helps me to have greater insight, and a better perspective on healing the body and mind. Vitality is not just about good nutrition.

I love to educate others with my 30+ years of accumulated experience coming from a holistic point of view. Let me share my knowledge and be a valuable resource for you!

I thank you for living the light

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● Board Certified Natural Therapies
● Nutritional Coach
● Biofeedback Specialist
● Reiki Master
● MA Licensed Cosmetology Instructor
● Business Reorganizer

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