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Covid -19 Corona Virus:

Body, Mind, Spirit Immune Support

Michelle Pauline Corey

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Covid -19 Corona Virus: <p> Body, Mind, Spirit Immune Support
Industry Expert shares knowledge to help elevate your immune–mindful self-care. Learn how to increase resistance to infectious diseases by strengthening Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Worst Foods To Eat

Michelle Corey

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In this nutrition article, I will cover what NOT to eat in order to enjoy a lifetime of good health. I eliminated the worst foods to eat 30 years ago when I was diagnosed with an auto immune condition and studied holistic nutrition. At my present age of 60, I am on no medication and I wake up every day pain free! Bonus! My weight has always stayed steady. The body you have is 80% of what you eat and drink! All the foods listed below are considered a negative nutrient. Negative nutrient foods are the worst foods to eat....

Toxic Overload - What’s Happening To Our Children? Are They On?

Michelle Corey

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How many so called Mystery Illnesses are we going to witness before we take notice? Only when it happens to our own children? Even those who try to eat the healthiest foods, avoid chemicals and drink pure water, are still exposed to massive amounts of harmful pollutants that are totally out their control. In today’s world it is difficult to be free of all the toxins that can affect you, but we have to try to avoid as much as possible. Have you noticed there are more and more neurological issues with our children? There seems to be an outbreak...