Intentional Group Healing

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Intentional Group Healing
Do our thoughts and intentions affect others? You bet they do!

Wayne Dwyer wrote an entire book about creating the Power of Intention on its own, and when we use the synergy of a group, results can be endless.

Intuition is a field of energy that we can access, and it works really well when others are involved for these reasons...

  1. Over and over in group experiments, the biggest impact was on the intender themselves. Why? Taking the focus off yourself, and intending to help others allows movement. According to Lynne McTaggart who wrote The Field, hundreds of studies prove this miraculous happening.
  2. Then there are studies of ‘the witness’. In experiments where there is an observer to a subject and a placebo, the results are remarkably different.
  3. Finally, when a healer invokes intention to another, they leave out the fear that one can instill on their own.

I invite you to join the synergy movement for our own experiment infused with Quantum Biofeedback!
These will be remote sessions. Join us!

March 4 at 12:00 pm EST
April 1 at 12:00 pm EST
Next Session Date TBA

Fee: $22.00/session 
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